Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Take for Granted

Why is it people take for granted that when they rest, they will wake up? Is it trust? Where does that trust come from? Why don't you just thank that thing that gives you the ability to trust to wake up to see another day right now. Just say HEY, THANK YOU! I TRUST IN YOU! Why do so many people walk past beautiful flowers that are full of vibrant colors just screaming for your attention saying LOVE ME, LOVE ME! Next time you see a flower just go up to it and say I DO LOVE YOU! We all want to be loved but yet we find it so hard because we want to put ourselves in a world of bubbles. Our bubble in our car, our bubble in our work, our bubble in our family, our bubble in our friends. We fear so much coming out of that bubble that we are blinded. We stop losing appreciation for those little things in life. We stop putting trust in life. I encourage everyone to just start by the little things. Pay attention to your surroundings more. Right next to you could be standing a person that is two inches away from suicide with a look of sorrow in their soul and by just you saying hi and noticing them might give them a feeling of connection. A reason to live. Your kindness and willingness to connect might be the one thing that changes a persons life to where they go out and change another and another and another. We live in a world of hopelessness and fear and war and poverty and sorrow. But we also live in a world of hope and faith and love and community and peace. We get lost in our lives, lost in our routines, lost in our bubble and fail to realize that same hopelessness can be changed into hope with just a loving soul that may be next to you right now. I hope we all find our "heaven" and no one has to have to endure hell on earth at its finest. But YOU have to be an active participant in making it "heaven on earth" as well. We all do! It starts with a simple HELLO!

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