Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why do i think the way i do

All my life ive been able to tell people about theirselves. People dont believe me (and thats fine, but i dont lie so thats all that matters to me) but when i was a kid i grew pure white long curles and i would see colorful energies that hovered around every person. I would not go with peoples and theow tantums if forced. As i got older i started learning to tell personality traits in people based on their voice and body language. I could tell based on what i already knew from other personality traits that i met in past that i could put a general understanding of what they might have gone through
And then just had general convo until i proved it right. Now in my older years, i still get a feeling about people on an energy level but i dont see auras. When i meet people i get their birthdays, once i know their personality characteristics through their sun, moon, venus, mercury, mars, etc. i can pretty much tell a good basis on everything about them. Its wierd to me that people dont think like this. Like just the simple thing like if i person looks down or away it means a few things. They have something to hide, or they are scared or nervous. Their personality traits would be unable to love unconditionally or possible abuse in the past they have not dealt with. . Anyways, ive been wanted to explain for a long time just the liitle simple aspect in the complexity of my mind. I thank god ALL the time for this gift. Cuz im 100 percent in belief that it is a gift from god. Hes given me the ability to let the people i encounter know that we all are connected and that its ok to let people in and its the purpose of life to work on how to do that. Every person i have met in life has had a feeling of separation. Many dont know how to connect. They have never been taught or just the fact that thats societies goal in general. I try let people know its cool if you wanna connect with me cuz i know im not god and i dont do that judgement shit. Its not my place. I think im a pretty fuuny, corny, smart, nice kinda guy. I just like to be nice to others cuz its cool when people are nice back. Anyways. That is all for now. You kinda know how i think (trust me my mind is far more complex tgan that though)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bigotry in the states

Its been a while since ive posted a blog but found it compelling to discuss a video i saw on youtube. The video Link is

The pastor gave a solution of getting rid of gay and lesbians similar to methods that of hitlers concentration camps for jews in the past. Here is an email i sent in response to their statement. I am a gay man btw that is baptized methodist and raised pagan/agnostic. And have analyzed similarities as well as differences in religions and mentally highlighted on the aspects of LOVE that comes from ALL religions

I just watched a youtube video that was uploaded with a sermon your pastor charles worley expressed about what to do with homosexuals and was extremely disturbed about his solution. In his statement he suggests rounding up gays and lesbians surrounded with an electric fence to let them die off. Im wondering how you can claim that to be godly in any way shape or form. Your preaching of a method similar to adolf hitlers solution of jews through concentration camps. That shows a blasphemous tongue. In john 4:8 it states "god is love." and in corinthians states the definition of love. You pastor might be skipping the true message from god and replacing it with personal judgements. But it specifically states THOU SHALL NOT KILL. Now i am not fueled with hateful resentments toward you or your church. My only intention is to inform you the aspects of the bible you are neglecting through blind hate. I understand that the generation your pastor is from is a generation of destruction and segregation, lack of knowledge and hate. But if you have any sense of technology you would know that your generation is dying off and so is the teaching of your hateful parents. This is a time of love, unity, progression, and transformation and one day soon you will be judged yourself what is in your heart and if it is filled will hate, you will know gods wrath. May god have mercy on that pastors soul.

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