Thursday, July 14, 2011

Psychic Mind

I went to the beach today and felt like I embodied the natural energy the water sends to us. I oddly some how feel really psyhically in tune with nature and the universe. Its something you cannot explain to see nothing but energy. No images of reality, no feelings. It almost makes you feel like your being lifted above the ground. I sensed that that energy the ocean gave to me as I talked to the waters. I felt like it gave me questions and answers. One that specifically came to mind was a receptor that is linked brain activity wise in the mind. Why don't we try a way of pinpointing that receptor and find herbs that activate that specific realm of the brain. A muscle will grow when used frequently. Why cant we find a way to ALWAYS have that psychic portion of our brain activated at all times. The trees will tell their stories, the waters will warn of danger. I think if you don't constantly talk to nature and ask it things, nature will concider you a virus. If you ask for their understanding, they will find a way to put the energy into your brain to let you understand. I love the ability to talk to nature. You can call me crazy, but nature puts information in my head because it knows I will communicate them. Give me a disorder psychology fans, but its something you have too, you just never tried because you don't want to be labeled. Also, lately I have been having these feelings of energy again that hoover around individuals. I had that as a kid when I was young. I could tell a good or a bad person by a color they had around their physical body. Not a thick color. Almost like a light layer of skin. I lost that because I embraced trauma and felt I needed to create a wall of protection from the world around me. I feel like I am now letting myself break down that wall and ready to shine it brightly. People have been taking notice too in subtle ways.I feel like I am going to see angels and demons soon in peoples souls. Just an instinct, maybe a disorder but I BET I WILL KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU INSTINCTIVELY.

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