Monday, July 11, 2011

First Entry

Well I am Bipolar so I have to say that these pages might not be a stable thing, But I will give it my best. I am basically going to try to pick a topic everyday and just rant and rave about it. I might be right, I might be wrong, But it will be my thoughts/beliefs so I DONT CARE. My topic that I thought of today was evolution and where we are going in the next decades to come. I am totally big on astrology and just ponder stuff like will this be the era of evolution. Will we finally because so genetically altered that we therefore HAVE to become alien like? Its weird to me to see how people are so quick to being and alien is scary. So is humanity. Those abduction stories. Just an aliens version of a scientist. Its probably how rats feel about humans. I know I would. Anyways. I think because we are entering a world of unity and connection as opposed to separation and war, that we might just find a way to utilize our full brains and evolve. I do understand there are people that want to prevent that as well. I don't know why, it just benifits everyone. Either way. I have a belief that our souls chose this exact era to be born in and I think it is mainly to see how FUN technology is. I would have loved to have been in the 70's coking it up, doing gangbangs and burning bra's. I think that is such a fucking cool era, but would have give up this world of amazement to do so. NO. I wonder if this is nothing but the ying to the yang. Let me explain. As we have grown since the age of pisces, which was all about god and the separation of humanity that fate said you know what, now that humanity has been separated and war/hatred has been established let us give them the lifes lesson of LOVE, unity, enlightenment. Let us utilize this in smart methods to where emotional IQ has been FORCED through this era to become so high, that NOW we will give them mental IQ. One branch of the stage of evolution that is HIGHLY important. I personally don't know if I will every fully know, but why not ponder. My theory is ANYTHING your mind can think of, someone has already thought that PLUS ONE. and then you wonder, what would that be? thats where I thank you technology because you can just find that out. Back in the day, you just would have to accept that you will NEVER know. Now you can.

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