Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who am i to judge?

When i look at a homeless person many things go in my mind. How did they get there? By choice? Are they on drugs? Mentally disabled? I wonder how long? Who have they met? How long have they been like this? Out of all the answers i get from that type of people the only thing i will judge is am i safe? Most of the time YES is the answer. You can tell by the stories they tell, the way they present themselves, the look in their eyes. We all have our story that just wants to be heard. To tell people of our pain and reach out to those who might be similar in experience to give advice so they might not have to go through the same pain. So who am i to assume that just by looking at someone, they choose it? They are addicts? Who am i to think why should i help them? I would just enable them to keep doing drugs or creating an unsafe world for others. I know personally thats not the case. I have known a girl for 10 years or more that has been homeless for most of it. Yes she is mentally disabled but would she hurt ANYONE? NO! Shes funny, outgoing, and a pleasure to be around but her dream is to be homeless around the united states. Shes a gypsy like personality. People always say for homeless people to "get a job". Well its society that enforces us to enslave ourselves like that due to corporate greed. Its innate for us to think of it like that. There are some people out there that think, if i didnt have my job i would have nothing. Wouldnt it be the balance for another person to say i never want to work? People are stuck on those two factors and make judgements based on that which doesnt allow for them to think "well since a person likes to obsessively work, it would be okay not to have to for others". But then its not fair right? WRONG. Through the programming we have endured we have to realize that we are all extremists in one way or another. We so want a "moderate balance" to life we are unwilling to realize we are on another level now. "extreme balance". For what one homeless person CANT or is unable to do, there are extreme people that take pleasure in doing two mens jobs. And if the balance falls short, WE HAVE MACHINES! There is plenty of junk in this world, plenty of food, and plenty of water for any one of us to never have to work if we dont want to, but we are taught to judge from a very early age. Thats fine. Its how humans survive, but we dont have to stigmatize people based on those judgements because "what goes up, must come down". Life has given us tools to look past our judgements if we choose to see it.

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