Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Today is a special day. To me it has always been a day to enlighten me on the independant nature i have. A day of self awareness that i do not need one special person to share my life with. Today some people are lonely. Wishing they had someone to show them romance and love. Some people have a dysfunctional love and will be beaten when all they want is for that love. Some will have the best days of their lives and possibly be proposed to. Whether you are sad and lonely, beaten and alone even though you are with someone, or its the happiest day in your life, just know that GOD loves you and thats all that really matters in this day and age. A man/woman can give you sexual/emotional satisfaction but when your spiritually satisfied it completes you in ALL aspects. Let this day bring you all the love and joy in the world and even if you are alone today just know that God loves you AND SO DO I! Chin up!

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