Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So i wonder.

I often wonder what goes on in peoples minds. When someone stares off in space, or is walking around enjoying a beautiful day. The internet is a viable source of finding it out but when was the last time you had a random stranger come up to you and tell you an interesting piece of information that you did not know? It seems like the government has now convinced us that there is a time and place for everything, EVEN OUR THOUGHTS! We turn to communication solely through the internet. When we go out to a social place, we turn to the internet to communicate with the familiar instead of getting to know the unknown that is right in front of our faces. Why is it for so many people to stay inside a bubble rather than to say one simple word that can change your whole existence. That word is HELLO. We wonder why we have so much sorrow, so much solitude, so much anger! The fact is we are so disconnected as a whole that we have lost sight of the importance of life. EACH OTHER! Imagine a life where you could openly talk about things with each other and really connect with someone. Or a life where if your tears show on your face while you were walking down the street, someone would come up and ask you whats wrong and offer a hug and a wise word to leave you to ponder. If we cannot come together, get past the evil in this world and unify, we are weak. We are the beaten slaves our ancestors have produced through greed, gluttony, sloth, anger, revenge, etc. if we cannot be willing to get past our hurt, our own anger, lack of trust, etc and reach out to ANY fellow person around. We have lost LOVE. We no longer exist. Love is a ruling factor of life. Having it or being deprived of it determines a sociological outcome of how successful, how prone we are for disease, how intellectual we can become. If you cant give a sad person walking down the street a hug and a wise word, YOU HAVE NOT FULFILLED YOUR LIFE MISSION. Sometimes it takes baby steps but we are in a world of "leaps and bounds". We are not baby boomers and don't have all the time in the world anymore. As i always say "CARE-BEAR STARE"


  1. Thank u daisy :-) do you blog? Id love to read your stuff as well

  2. Yes Jason I do:) www.luvandlight.blogspot.com
    Great to meet you:)

  3. Spot on Jason!!! if only we all could!!