Thursday, August 25, 2011

Got Knocked Out!

So, last night as I was walking home from a friends I had bought a 40 of corona that I was going to go home and drink before going to bed because I got a job doing some construction work. So I'm walking down the street talking to a friend from high school about some issues she was going through and giving advice and I walk past the bar that I live by and there is this black guy shouting at the top of his lungs at this little guy and being all irritating. So I just stop and see whats going to happen because I have a very curious nature and I personally like seeing others drama (I thank society for that due to many hours of watching violent things on tv because of a lack of parental supervision). So anyways, this guy walks in the street like he is about to go to his car and then comes back and shoves this guy into the wall against the bar and I immediately should "what the fuck man, don't do that shit" so he comes over to me and says "fuck you, you want a piece of me too" (now I so hate that tough guy bullshit stupid ass ignorant talk so that pissed me off. Hes like "you dont want to fuck with me, I'll burn you" (he had a smoke he was smoking as did I) so I was like "bitch I got a 40 in my hand that Ill crack on your fucking skull and burn you back" lol. I was raised in the ghetto so you have to excuse me. Immediately he cracked me in the skull and I am guessing it knocked me down (I didnt think that until today when I woke up my butt was bruised, wrists are sore to the point of its really hard even typing this) I took my 40 (normally if a 40 is in a bag and you want to use it as a weapon, you do a double wrap with the bag around the wrist, grab the base and uppercut or backhand) but I didnt have that position so i ended up swinging the 40 and it broke the bag and the 40 went splashing down in the road (another irritation cuz im poor as hell and that bitch cost like 4 dollars) So I am like fuck this ill just call the cops and get your black ass arrested instead of fighting you back. Im over this dumb shit. So he tries grabbing my IPHONE (a very good reason I am poor. sorry verizon but you cost to damn much for unlimited shit) and I immediately grab it like its my dick and start dialing 911. He tried bashing it into a light pole and only slightly dinged it with paint (thank god cuz iphones are fucking expensive to replace) and I call the cops and he splits. (no comment but insert comment if you wish). So the cop gets there and I tell him the story and all that and they ask if I want to press charges and of course I say yes. This is the only time I have been hit since like 4th grade! even then I don't think I was hit, I just beat some guys ass by putting him in a headlock. Other than that, I'm a hippie. Peace. Love. Harmony. End war, Make love, smoke weed type guy. Not a Im a barbaric idiot that has no intellectual capacity to resolve conflicts with communication and understanding so ill just pound your face type guy. I freaking hate those type of guys. I just think its funny though because there were witnesses out there that kept on telling me how brave I was to defend a man I didn't even know and how that was an act of bravery and they all wanted to buy me drinks because I was sad about my 40. (still kind of mourning the loss of the 4 dollar 40 but I replaced it with another one so actually it just became an 8 dollar 40) anyways but I honestly don't think it was heroic or brave or anything like that. To me, if I was the person who was getting shoved up against a wall, I know I would have wanted someone to try to stop the guy that was doing it to me if the guy was bigger. Thats it. That and maybe parial insanity cuz I'm very tra la la with a quick to react mentality. I dont know. I think the whole thing was funny and stupid. BUT my buttbone hurts, my jaw is throbbing, I am all migrainey and my wrist hurts and ibuprofen isnt helping so I'm taking my ass to the hospital. Fuck the dumb shit. So ya... thats my story I'm sticking to it :-) PEACE!

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