Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Church Meal In Normal Heights San Diego

So, I finally decided to check out this church that offers meals called Christ United Methodist Church. It's located at 3295 Meade Avenue in San Diego California. They have meals Monday through Friday from 5pm-7pm for homeless/low income families that places like VONS/Jack-In-The-Box and other various places donate food/supplies too. Let me tell you that was the best free meal I have EVER had. I am in a place right now to where I am barely able to make ends meet so maybe I am just EXTRA appreciative of this service that was offered, but the meal consisted of a ham/cheese type keish with a crumb topping, vegetable soup, spinach salad, and a fruit parfait that was just amazing as well. So, I decided that I should offer my services in helping clean up after everyone left and I did so. By the way, the people there are really nice people, very social and talkative. There was even a lady who brought her dog in because she had found him left in a shopping cart half starved and obviously abused so she decided to take him into her home and give him a loving home. These are the type of people I met today. Anyways, There is one guy that is a cook and a lady that serves the food to people and another kid who is apparently 18 years old and I sensed mentally challenged. I kind of think the cook and the lady are as well (I sense these things pretty well being mentally challenged myself in some ways as well as having been around this classification of people for most of my life). The lady and the man started talking after the kid had left because he had a curfew of being home by dark (another two and two i put together with my awesome handivision) and were discussing how sometimes this kid only did half assed things and it really didn't help so they were thinking of asking him NOT to come back and help because it only made more work for them. Now, I do understand that mentality because (I think they had OCD issures, not 100 percent so don't quote me) I have that type of tendency myself. HOWEVER, my thoughts are this sweet little kid who was really nice and had good manners is volunteering to help these people with the kindness of his heart and soul. THAT RIGHT THERE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL! To me, I don't understand saying to a person "I don't want your help because its not helping". I personally say, HELP ALL YOU WANT, and if its not dont my way, I just go and backtrack to get things done my way. There are so many selfish, ungrateful people in this world that don't want to help anyone that if they DO SHOW AN ACTIVE INTEREST IN HELPING HUMANITY, SUPPORT IT AT ALL COSTS! Apparently I am going back tommorrow cuz they were pleased with my help, but I am going to have a little talk with them on this subject. I don't judge them as a person because they also are really nice people doing a very nice cause for the community, but I am a blunt person that has to speak my mind whenever I feel my mind should speak. All in all, this is a wonderful place with a wonderful community doing a wonderful thing with awesome food! God bless that church and everyone in it. ALL CHURCHES SHOULD BE LIKE THIS! The world would no longer hunger if that was the case!

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