Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Awesome soulmate action

I had a dream last night of my soulmate and it was so cool. Im 31 and have never had a boy friend and never really cared too much about getting one. Not that i didn't want to know what it was like to fall in love but as i went through life and established friendships with others, i knew my life wasn't like normal peoples to where they have failed relationships and devastation and falling in love again and all that. I have always known that there will be only one love that i get to experience and it would be towards the end of my life. Ive always, since about 19 or 20, communicated in my dreams with that person. Just little things like i cant wait to meet you, or let him know when i have been down and out that i needed him. He always responded back in my dream too and has done the same thing with me. He even called me recently to san diego saying that time is coming soon and he will be here waiting for when i am ready. Its been a subconscious love that has driven me to live through things doctors say should have killed me a long time ago. So last night i heard his voice for the first time ever! We were on the phone talking about how much we missed each other and how it has been so long since we last touched and we laughed about corny jokes i believe we were talking about through the lives we both had here apart from another and at the end before i woke up he said that he loved me and time is coming for both of us to unite again and share the rest of our lives together just like we both planned. Ive always known that my life was nothing but a fun adventure and never feared death because i knew how i was going to die, when i was going to die, and who will be around when i die and I've always known my only reason for living is to live life until i reach my soulmate again so we can both die together in each others arms. Ive loved this person for many lifetimes and know i will probably play this game called life again to find him all over again and find that one true love. To me, love is eternal. Through life, through death. It lives on forever. I love you soul mate and i will keep my heart open and my eyes peeled! I hear your voice now!

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  1. I love you, Jay! You are so special and I know that the person who finds you will be just as special. Good luck, much love.