Monday, February 18, 2013

Funny shit

Gay movies crack me up. If its not xxx porn its a story about a white closeted guy who runs into a feminine ethnic gay and they get to know each other and casually have sex. Next thing u know they are together bit oh no. They must struggle with coming to terms with homosexuality which inevitably is a close call downward spiral to ending the relationship. They split yet yearn. They closet guy sees him and says that he wants him no matter what it takes and they live happily ever after and thats it cuz bitches cant marry. But im like oh yah i cant even count how many times thats happened to me.
I just dont get. I had this guy ask me online to bareback him. If you dont know its sex without a condom. Hes like but i wanna feel your "you know" inside. Hes like i wanna hurry up and get hiv so i dont fear it anymore. I was like you dirty whore what the fuck. It made me sad, i mean this is the kinda prince charming lined up for my dream date. Yay me.
Thats a lot of the reason why I've never had a boyfriend. Not that i don't want one but like Cher from clueless says "you know how picky i aam about my shoes and they only go on my feet" same applies here. I don't like sassy bottoms and the muscle men i like im too insecure for. So i stay alone which im cool with.

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