Friday, November 25, 2011

Endless tunnel

An endless tunnel,
Where i thought was light.
I didnt give up,
All i did was fight.
Countless scenarios where i almost died,
Many sleepless nights in which i cried.
I prayed and prayed for life to begin.
But it will never happen,
I am born of sin.
My light was just hope,
And through time it just faded.
My hope was just falsifed,
And left me just jaded.
Jaded of this world, the nastiness within.
The world is my hell and i am the sin.
My eyes are now shut,
And this is my prayer.
God help me with life,
Help me with despair.
I want your light,
Your loving glow,
At the end of my tunnel,
I hope you show!

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