Thursday, October 27, 2011

Am i crazy?

I just dont understand how people can be so deeply lost to where they would want to die. Its a weird mentality to me. Not only is it self indulgent to where it affects loved ones, but its the only life we get. Maybe they have never been on a crash course with death before. People never really appreciate things until its gone i suppose. NOT ME THOUGH! I think all the time how blessed i am to even be able to move. Many cannot. How i do not die of starvation because many are. How i have comfot in the bed i lay in because many will not have that blessing. THEY SHOULD THOUGH! I love the fact i can smell a rose, or see the magnetic ocean. To hear music being played or the wonderful sound of a child's laughter. Life is such an adventure with new places and people and new knowledge that helps your own personal growth. Am i crazy to have this mentality when all that around me is negative? Am i living in a delusional state of bliss? I know it is MY CHOICE to see the glass as half empty or half full. I once led a miserable lonely life with self indulgence and inner hatred when i saw the glass as empty. It seems to me that life is so much brighter knowing that its not completely empty and i still have many sips to appreciate.

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